Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th Of July :)

So the holiday is over, and it was a blast!  The Stouts were super busy, so here goes.....

1st we went to G-ma and Papa Ray's house for some BBQ and hang out time!  Uncle Ricky brought down the double smoker, and made a turkey, a brisket, and 2 racks of ribs!  The guys had a great time bonding over beer and manly cooking despite the fact that Johnny got chiggers all over :)

{Dad, Ricky and Johnny}

{Ryan, Dad, and Ricky}

{Levi got into a sticker bush and had to be shaved...poor puppy!!  Vicky had a fun time with this one I'm sure :)}

{The kiddie table and Bea}

{The adult table and Joey}

{G-ma and Joey}

We had a blast getting caught up with everyone, and it was great to have all the sisters, neices, and nephews, and grandkids together!  The food was great and the fellowship even better!  We can't wait this long before hanging out again!

Sunday we went to Scott and Shawnda's for a cookout and some fireworks!  We got there around 6 and had some yummy hot dogs and beers!  The kids did sidewalk chalk, ran around, and danced to the DJ's music.  Amanda and Brandon came too with their kiddos.  Once it was dark, Madison and Joey got to do sparklers, and then it was fireworks time!!  Here's some pics :)

{Our family pic...Joey wouldn't look at the camera though}

{Joey had a chocolate chip cookie and it melted then got all over her face somehow}

{Madison and Joey in their camping chairs}

{Good friends!}

{Sam slept through the entire evening}

{Madison and Joey doing sparklers}

{Beautiful fireworks!!!}

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!  The weather was great and the company even better.  I hope you and your family had a great 4th as well!

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