Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Johnny :)

So today is my husband Johnny's birthday!  He's 34 today and in honor of that, I thought I'd give my lovely readers {all 5 of you :]} 34 reasons I love this man!!  Here no particular order after #1 :]

1.  Johnny loves the Lord, and He is his Savior!  Here he is getting baptized at our church...excuse the quality, but I took it on my phone from far away!  This day was awesome!  The did spontaneous baptisms at our church and Johnny had been baptized as a baby but decided to publicly show his faith by getting baptized again!  We could really feel the spirit move that day :)

2. He takes Joey to gymnastics!

3. When he asked me to marry him, it was super creative and thoughtful :)

4. He introduced me to snow boarding!

5. He shares his food with Joey so I don't have to :)

6. He's not afraid to cut out hearts with pink and purple play doh :)

7. He's a hairstylist by night :)

8. He has a goofy side!

9. He bakes!

10. He makes the beds {this one is Joey's}

11. He takes time to teach Joey stuff like flying a kite!

12. He wears Joey's handmade Jewelry

13. He's a handy man!  Not only did he hang this growth chart, but he put crown molding in all the bedrooms and has done so many other things in our house as well!

14. Since he's a foot taller than me, he can reach all the things on the top shelf of the cabinets that I can't!

15. He came up with picnic pizza night, and we have been doing it every Friday since it's inception :)

16. He loves to swim!

17. He humors me when I ask him to take ridiculous pictures in Dick's Sporting Goods {or anywhere for that matter}

18. He's not afraid to hold babies!!

19.  He plays with our girls :)

20.  He puts all other's needs before his own.
21. He would help anyone in an instant, all you have to do is call!
22. He handles our finances so I don't have to :)
23. He does his own laundry.
24. He cleans bathtubs and toilets {the whole house really :]}
25. He's a P.E. teacher at an elementary school and is so good with his kids!
26. He's great at grocery shopping!
27. One of his favorite movies is "Aladdin"
28. He lets me cut his hair {ever since my first job at Supercuts, I've wanted to try cutting hair :] Thanks babe!}
29. He provides for our family not only financially, but with his time too!
30. He doesn't cuss {this is a big one :]}
31. He watches girlie movies with me and in fact loves Lizzie McGuire and Bring it On :)
32. He loves all sports and is super active and always willing to play!
33. He eats anything that I cook :)
34. He helps out more than any father I know! {This includes but is not limited to diaper changes, bath time for the girls, putting the kids to bed, Sam's late night feedings, and much more!}

As you can tell, I love my hubby and we are so blessed to have him as the head of our home.  Happy birthday Johnny, here's to many more!!

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Liz Rock said...

I know I know...hormones, but girl! I'm crying here! This is so sweet!