Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 Months!!!!

So Sam is already 5 months old, and as each month goes by, Johnny and I praise God that she is still breathing :]  She's so cute and such a joy to the family!  Here's a pic...

That little tongue is out all the time, and has proven problematic during solid food feeding time!  We have been consistent and just push it down with the spoon during feeding and she is getting better! She has eaten every veggie that Gerber makes and only turned her nose up at green beans, but she finished them and by the 3rd day I think she kinda liked it!

Sam is such a good baby!  Tuesday and Thursday mornings {Joey's school days} our routine goes something like this....Johnny and I wake up to the alarm, hit snooze for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before actually getting out of bed :]  Once out of bed, Johnny heads to work and I get Sam going on her breakfast.  After feeding her, I lay her on the ground to play with some toys while I get her sister out of bed.  This process can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 20, and the whole time I am handling Joey, Sam just plays and plays!  When Jo isn't crying because she doesn't want to get up, I can hear Sam just talking and moving and shaking her toys around in the other room!  When we get downstairs, I get Jo's breakfast ready, get Sam ready for the day, then starts the loading of the car :]  She never cries {knock on wood}, and just lets me do what needs to get done in the morning!  Love that!!

Sam has also been smiling a ton and even giggling a bunch too!  She thinks it's funny when you make loud kissing noises while kissing her tummy, cheeks, you name it!  I love making her laugh, and tear up pretty much anytime it happens!!

Sammy loves sitting up now and often sits in her little seat!  We just set her in front of her play mat and she goes to town!

I love those little feet!!!

In the pic above, you see Sammy is sporting a bib.  This is becoming quite the trend since she is drooling a lot!  She's got some white spots on her gums and I'm expecting to see some teeth any day now!

Well folks, I think that's it for now!  Sam doesn't have another Doc appointment until December, so for her 6 month update, I'll include all her stats!

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