Thursday, November 25, 2010

Disney Princesses on Ice!!!

Wednesday night we got to go to Disney Princesses on Ice with Aunt Amy, Claudia and Mily.  It was so much fun!  To be honest, I wasn't sure how Joey was going to act since she the show didn't start till 7:30 {her usual bedtime}, and the fact that she doesn't know any of the princesses {since all the Disney movies are in the stinkin' vault...don't get me started}.  Despite all that, Joey behaved really well, and loved the show!  She dressed up as Tinkerbell without a fight {even though she's not a princess, this is the character Joey knows because of her cousin Mily!!!} :]  When we got to the show, we were pleasantly surprised that Tinkerbell was the hostess of the evening, so Joey got to see her a lot!!

Joey, Mily and Claudia...Claudia said her mom told her she had to look cute :]  Well, she did!!!  This was our best group shot!

Tinkerbell came out and Joey was hooked!

Tink :]  Sparkly glitter came out every time she waived her wand!

Jasmine and Aladdin!!

Snow White and her prince!!

The Seven Dwarfs....Dopey is Johnny's favorite!!

Belle and the "Be Our Guest" scene!!

This was during the Little Mermaid portion.....they catapulted this dude in the air and he did a back lay out!  The guys below caught him.

Ariel and Flounder!!!  She's my favorite!!!

There were tons of bubbles floating in the air during "Under The Sea".  Joey had her fingers up ready to pop the bubbles if any happened to come our way :]


Mulan and her prince!

Sleeping Beauty.....

This dragon came out during Sleeping Beauty.  I think it was the witch who turned into this??  Anyway, it scared the crap out of Joey!  She took my had and covered her eyes and told me she was scared!!!  Long story short, I didn't get to see this section of the show, but I know there was fire breathing, and even fire on the ice!!  I'm sure it was cool :]

Of coarse Cinderella came out in the end!  Her skates were silver and glittery!!!

So despite my fears, Joey did great, the show was super fun, and we had a great time!  I can't wait to take her to something like this again!  I wonder when she'll be ready for a movie in a theatre???  After this, I think she's closer than I thought!!

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