Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Weekend!!!

This was a great year for the Stouts and Halloween festivities....

It all started with some pumpkin carving :]

 Joey did not want to touch the insides of the pumpkin!!  She said it was gross!

 Poking holes in the pumpkin...

 Did the picture transfer??

Did it???

 It did!!!  Let's start carving!!

My turn first....we got a pumpkin carving kit this year!  I highly recommend spending the $5 to get the little saws...so much easier that anything we have ever done!  We will be buying a kit again next year for sure!!

 I got the mouth and an eye done before letting Johnny in on the action!!

Joey was poking holes in paper while daddy was hard at work!!

 Go Johnny go....he cut an eye out and both eyebrows...

 Our finished pumpkins...Joey painted hers from the pumpkin patch a few days ago!

That night we went to the EWA staff party...this was our attempt at a group shot :]

Halloween night rolled around and all the Life Group kiddos came over to go Trick or Treating!!!  We ate pizza first!

We headed to the other Stout house and danced on Aunt Lisa's stage :]

Attempt at a family shot in front of the Stout Saloon

Amanda's supposed to be off her feet, so we got her a wheel chair for the night!!  Nothing stops this lady :]

 Group shot...from the back it's the Jackie, Joey and Jacob...Kelli and bean...Madison, Hannah, Amanda and Brandon...Johnny, Sammy, Joey, and me {behind the camera :]}

Our little Tinkerbell going to the houses to get some candy :]  We rehearsed and everyone thought she was so cute when she would say trick or treat!!  

Here's Madison, Mily and Joey at the end of the night!  Still smiling, but all sleepy :]

And last but not least, another group shot minus the Barr family :[  They had to get to gettin at the end!

So Halloween is said and done, and I can't wait till next year!  Our trick or treating group is getting bigger, and with 5 new babies in our group it's only going to continue to grow!  It's so fun to see our kids grow up together and make memories with our friends!!!

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Kelli Davis said...

I've just got to say, that picture of the kids eating pizza in your living room is the messiest I've ever seen it...! Hehehe. It was for a good cause though! Thanks for letting me come trick or treating with you guys! Can't wait for next year!!