Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whew...She Made It!!!

So I'm sure some of you keep up with me on facebook and have seen some of my posts on my dear friend Liz.  She is el preggo and has complete previa.  She actually went into the hospital a few weeks ago and almost ended up having to deliver the baby due to complications with the previa. Well, we prayed and God chose to answer...Liz was sent home and put on bed rest until she reaches 36 weeks.  At that point, her sweet baby Willa will be delivered via C-Setion on December 1st.

Now, why the title??  Well...her friends Anna, Amber and I were throwing her a baby shower and today was the day!  Whew...she made it to her shower with baby Willa still in her tummy!!!!!  Huge praise to the Lord on high people!!  Here's how the day went down...

We got to Liz's mom's to set up a bit early...we got the food out, decorated, then waited for the party to get's how it looked...

mmmmmmm, who doesn't love a candy bar??

Here's the yummy cake our friend Holli made!!  Check out that board...she goes full out people!

The entire spread.....chicken pasta salad, goat cheese/pesto spread with crackers, fresh fruit, and pigs in a blanket!

Cute banner made by Amber

When Liz walked in she cried which made me cry :]  We had to get a pic with her before everyone arrived!

As mentioned above, Liz is on bed rest, so she plopped herself down in the yellow chair and we took care of her for the day!

Lots of people came to bless Willa and her parents!!

Super cute bunny slippers!!

awesome burb cloths


The hostesses got her a Pack n Play!! She was super surprised!!

The party was a hit, and everyone had a great time!  We pray for Liz, Kevin and Willa until the day Willa arrives.  May God bless this family with an easy delivery and recovery, and a wonderful life to come centered on our maker!  Love you Liz!!!

The End!!


Dianne said...

Looks like a wonderful party -- you all are amazing and Elizabeth loves you so much. Aunt Dianne

julie said...

im so excited that she made it . we have all been worried about her and baby willa. You girls did a great job and Lizzy you look Fab!

Holly (me.) said...

Those teeny bunny slippers! *squee!* Love all the bright, beachy colors.