Monday, November 8, 2010

What'd You Do In Church Today?

Joey loves to go to church! She loves Miss Barbara who teaches her on Sundays!  She loves telling you that her classroom is the green one!  She loves that she gets to eat pretzels and cookies and that she gets to drink water out of a "big girl cup".  

So this Sunday as always, we asked we had a conversation when we picked her up from her classroom.

Mommy: Joey, did you have fun at church today?
Joey: Yes
Mommy: What'd you do?
Joey: Made crap
Mommy: Made what?
Joey: Crap {pointing to the item in the picture below}
Mommy: Oooooohhhhh, you made a craft!
Joey: Yep, a crap!!

I love misunderstandings such as these :]  So Joey also loves to make *crafts* in Sunday school :]  This one in particular is based on the song "Jesus Loves the Little Children", and I don't care what you say Joey, mommy loves it and it's NOT CRAP!!

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Holly (me.) said...

I hope she gets to make lots and lots of craps at church. ;)