Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Blog By Christy :]

So in addition to this blog about our little family I also write a blog for Eagle's Wings Athletics where I work.  I love keeping our customers up to date on all things Gymnastics and EWA!  The posts range from daily activities at the gym to meet results for our amazing athletes!  Stop by and check it out some time especially if you have kids and are looking to get them involved in a sport that will benefit them for the rest of their lives :]

I recently started a blog to record the wacky things our kids say...ya know, those things that come out of their mouths and you think "where on earth did they learn that?".  If you are bored or just need a smile planted on your face, head on over to Things Stout Kids Say!

Thanks for reading :]  Y'all rock!!


Holly (me.) said...

Where do you find the time to keep up with three blogs with all the other great stuff in your life? Speaking of Super Woman...

czstout said...

You are so funny :] I neglect this one for sure...wish I could spend more time documenting our kids lives!! the work one is fun, but a requirement so there you go, and the other is mainly updated via iPhone!!! Super Woman I am not :]