Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!!!!

So if you have checked my facebook, you know we had a snow day in Tejas!  It was so much fun!!!  Last year when it snowed I was preggo and couldn't really get down and dirty because I too big to get out of the snow!  Here are some pics from the day!

I came home from church and we headed outside!!  The show was really coming down!!

Throwing snowballs at Johnny :]

Sammy was sad she couldn't go outside in the snow :[

Daddy was helping Joey build our snow family!!!

It got really cold so we had to come in to eat some lunch!  Sammy was drooling because she was so excited about eating :]  Really her stinkin' teeth are trying to come in!!!  Hurry up already!!

Joey was workin some angle with her father....check out that face!!

We smartened up and broke out the snowsuit after lunch, put Sammy down for a nap and headed out to play some more!!

Daddy and Joey built a castle with our bucket from Aunt the Summer it is fun for the pool too :]

Here comes Grandma with some rain boots for mommy and some new gloves for Joey!!

Joey wanted to make a snow angel!  She wouldn't even get in the snow last year until we coaxed her enough.  This year she jumped right in!!

We came in and I had to model my new boots!!

The final family!!

We ended the day with some snuggling and a was awesome!!

I love snow days!!!!  The next day I had to go to work, but Johnny got to stay home with the girls.  They headed over to Aunt Becky's house and went sledding with the cousins!

Joey loved the "sled" and told me all about how she used the green one and daddy used the blue one and she went down with daddy and so on and so on!  What a fun extended weekend!!


Holly (me.) said...

Glad to see you and Joey today! Your snow day looks like a blast.

Ashley Harris said...

omg.... i just love all miss joey's personality!!! she is just the cutest stinking thing!

czstout said...

@Holly fun to see you too!!!

@Ashley your daughter is so stinkin' cute to!!! Hope she has an awesome 1st birthday!!