Monday, January 3, 2011

That's How We Ring In The New Year!!

So another year has come and gone, and we celebrated with our dear friends Liz and Kevin!  Liz's sister was in town with her two kiddos, and we all went to Pamapedia's house for some celebration time.

Miss Ruby was visiting from Cali...I almost got in trouble for taking this picture because I hadn't consulted with Ruby's agent :] She's big in LA people :]

Joey and daddy played!

Kevin and his little princess Willa!!

Sammy hung out in the Jenny Jump Up with her tongue out of course!

Awwww, the new momma!!!

The whole group playing the Wii!

I was trying to teach Joey and Maddox how to play Mario Cart!  It was super awesome :]

Ally trying to beat my sweet precious 2 year old :]

I can't believe after all the years we have babies at the same time!!!  I can't wait for Sammy and Willa to grow up together :]  They are going to be besties like Liz and me....just wait and see :]

The night was fun, and it ended around 10 as our New Year's often do.  We packed up the kids and headed home.  Johnny and I were actually awake at midnight, we rolled over and kissed each other good night...a great end to a great year!

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