Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Up North 2010

Our last stop for Christmas 2010 was up North in Pottsboro with Papa Ray and Grandma Bea!  There were a lot more family up there aside from them and us, and it was a great time!!!

We had some awesome food which is always the case when we go to Dad's!  The smoked pork was my favorite!!!

Sammy was like "Aunt Laura, are you gonna share with me or what???"

I couldn't resist this picture, and Tammy might shoot me, but we all know Maddox didn't actually drink the beer...he just grabbed it and smiled :]

Little Ray {I know, you are married and have 2 kids now, but you will always be little Ray to me :]} Helped Joey and Jayden with the baby alive doll

The Stouts and the Williams families got Maddox this cool toy :]

Chloe helped Joey open her presents!

Sammy loved her gifts even before they were out of the box!!

Sweet boy :]  This is my great nephew and he's gonna be 1 this month!!

Aunt Vicky helped Sammy open her gifts and was trapped by all the stuff!!

So sweet, Maddox was trying to play with Sammy....

Maddox: "Here, eat this."

Sammy: "I don't think so mister!!!"

It was so much fun to see all the family, and the girls got so many great clothes, books, toys and more!  Thanks for all our great stuff, we are already enjoying it all so much!!!

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Holly (me.) said...

The Sammy & Maddox pics are precious!