Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If These Tools Could Talk

While we were at our dad's this past weekend for Christmas, we went to my Papaw's house to recall old memories and see if anything left behind by he and my Memaw were things we desired for our own.  I got out of the car and immediately went to the back door where we always entered the house.  It was locked and we were forced to go through the front door of the house.  This was a first for me...well at least from what I remember anyway! Both Memaw and Papaw have passed, and it was a little strange walking into the house without my Papaw in his recliner.   Looking through all the stuff brought back some memories like when Vicky and I got sick off of Memaw's dried peaches, and when we went to the lake with Aunt Patti and I made Kyle sit on my lap because I had to prove I wasn't a wimp or something :]  I remember curling up in Memaw's lap on her chair, sitting on the back porch swing for hours, Papaw's enchiladas, and so much more.  It's crazy the things we remember right??

Anywho, the point of this post....we left the house to look through the garage.  I can't say I remember going out there as a kid except to get the golf cart out, and it was like I had on blinders because I had no idea the treasures inside that 2 car garage.  My Papaw was a carpenter....if not by official title, then by merit.  He always made things with his hands from houses to trinkets...he was even a painter.  Looking at the rows of tools made me wonder what things they had created.  What was their story?  How long had they been in that same place?  It was strange to see the sawdust still on the floor and the bowling ball randomly in the middle of it all like time had frozen.  It was amazing.  Take a look.....

I loved my grandparents dearly, and I'm sad Joey and Sam will not know them.  I can pass on the memories though, and though they may not have ever seen Memaw live and in person, they will know how comforting she was and how she loved us so much.  The girls will have no memory of Papaw, but I will make sure they know that he always had peanuts by his chair and he even shared if you asked :]


Kelli Davis said...

Great job with these pics! Love the sepia.

Holly (me.) said...

Beautiful. My Mammy had that same saltine cracker cannister.