Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Heart's All Better!

I took Sammy in for her heart check-up on Thursday and it went great!  First she got weighed {15lbs} and measured {25 inches}, then we went in for the sonogram.  She did great while the sono tech was fiddling around with her!  She only got antsy toward the end and was trying to grab the sonogram wand out of the tech's hand :]  I apologized to the lady and she said "oh my goodness, she's doing great, don't worry about it!".  After 30 minutes in the dark warm room {the sono room has to be dark to see the screen as clear as possible, and it has to be warm because the babies are only in diapers while getting checked out} we were shipped to a room to wait on the doctor.  I have been in this room before, so there will be no picture tour :]  I was thinking ahead this time and brought a blanket for the floor and some toys to keep our little lady entertained...

Sorry for the poor quality of the pic, but all I had was the old iPhone, and she's too quick for the shutter speed :] Anywho, we waited about 30 minutes in this room then the doc came in.  

Can I just say for a minute that we really love this doctor....Penn Laird....he rocks!  We drive all the way to Medical City for him, sit through random small talk, and even tolerate his drawings of the heart that resemble a man's hanging parts if you know what I to say the least, he's kinda awkward with adults but totally breaks out the Donald Duck voice for the kids, and they do great for him!  He tells us like it is, and encourages us when things look iffy....he's also a Christian! 

OK, enough, back to Sammy....So Dr. Laird said Sammy is doing great!  The hole in her heart has completely closed up and he said it doesn't even have a name anymore because it's not there anymore!  He said her Pulmonary Valve Stenosis is improving which is rare, so that great too!  He said she was doing so well that he doesn't need to see her again till she's 2 years old and that will more than likely be her last appointment!  

So praise be to God for a great appointment and a healthy daughter :]  Now if we could only get the other one all fixed up, that would be great!  Joey's heart appointment is in October, we'll let you know how it goes!!

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