Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!!

So all the cities surrounding the Super Bowl have basically shut down due to crazy cold and icey weather, and today McKinney was included!!  Our day started with us watching the news in bed...once we found out Allen and McKinney were closed, my EWA duties began.  I had to update our website, facebook, mass email, and change our phone message all to reflect the closure.  Once all that was done, we bundled up and got ready to stay home :]  I started a Harry Potter marathon this weekend and was able to finish it today!!   That's kind of it :]  Burrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!  Here's the weather from my phone right now...

The funny thing about this is that on Sunday I was in shorts....today I look like this.....

I've had this hat on most of the day :]  I think the only thing that will warm me up is some Shawn T and this.....Dig Deeper!!!

random post..bye now :]

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