Sunday, February 27, 2011

Valentine's Par...tay :]

With all the snow and ice here in Tejas, Joey's valentine's party got pushed back and so they celebrated a few days late :]  As the room mom, I get to help with parties, and I LOVE IT!!  It's fun to help set up, think of games, and stuff like that!  This party was a bit understated as requested by the school, and the kids had a great time anyway!  They don't care about games and all that jazz...they had their mind on one thing and one thing only, and that was a heart shaped cookie!!!

Before the cookies were handed out, we prayed....

Then the kids ate :]  The read head on the left is Cooper, he's one of Joey's favorites!!

Miss Meggan drew smily faces on all the cookies with icing....yummo!!

Joey loves cookies!!

All their valentines were handed out earler that day but the kids didn't get to see what they got until after the party....candy, pencils and toys, oh my!!

It was super fun, and Joey loved hanging with all her friends.  Here's a picture of the valentines I made for Joey's class.....

They are baby jars with painted the jar we put hot chocolate powder and marshmallows!!!  Yummy :]

Hope you had a good VD!!

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