Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tunnel Vision

We we have this awesome tunnel that was given to Joey from Kelli and Brian.  She loves it and it has been living at Holli's for a while.  The other day it came home and we popped it open to play in.  Joey was having a ball and Sammy was watching her.  I went to use the restroom and heard Sam start crying. I thought Joey had knocked her down or something like that, but turns out she was deathly afraid of the rather than console her I grabbed the camera :]

All the crying thrilled Joey to death, she thought it was the funniest thing :]

Of course I picked her up after the camera went down and she calmed down.  I had her touch the tunnel and she didn't really want anything to do with it....we will see how she reacts the next time!

1 comment:

Holly (me.) said...

I wonder if a tunnel would cure my big kids' cabin fever?