Monday, October 5, 2009

New Toys and a New Room...Oh My!!

So after bath time, we always throw a diaper on Jojo and let her play a bit! Tonight was extra special because we brought up some new toys that were given to Joey from some friends at the gym! This is a Beauty Shop, and it is so much fun! Joey let me play with her hair and even put rollers in it :) Here's some pics of the fun!

Answer the phone Joey :)

Who is it??

So cute!

Once we were done playing with our hair, we went onto the nails :) This is super fun too!! There are 4 colors, a nail file and buffer! We had a great time!!

Trying to figure it out....

I got it! The paint goes on my toes like Aunt Becky told me!!!

Now put the brush back in!

Here are some pics of Jo's new room! It is no way near done, but this is a good start! We are planning on getting her new bedding that is more kid fun! We found a cute set, that I know everyone will love!! We will be ordering it next week!

Here is her toy trunk and her beauty parlor from above.

This is the view from the beauty parlor corner.

We are planning on getting her a chest of drawers, finding another place for the desk that's in the corner, and I'm thinking about some fun artwork a la Zip! The creative juices are flowin...let's see what happens! We are planning on moving Jo in over Christmas break when daddy is home to monitor naps and such! That's it for now!!!

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Christie said...

I love her new beauty parlor set, that looks like so much fun!!