Friday, October 16, 2009

Howdy Folks, Welcome to the State Fair of Texas!

You guessed it, last Saturday we loaded up the stroller, got on the DART rail and headed to the Fair! If you don't live in Texas or have never been to the State Fair of Texas, there is a lot to eat! This year's gimmick was fried butter....even Oprah tried it :) The fair is always the home of the Red River Shootout (stay away on that day), an of course there are plenty of scary rides, carnies, and lines!!! Here are a few pics from our day!

Here's Jo and I on the DART Rail. She thought it was fun, but didn't want to sit still at all much to mommy's delight :( PS, the train was PACKED!!!!

Here he is, THE MAN!!! Big Tex :) We met Mom, Bigman, Vicky and Ricky under his left armpit :) This is a cute family portrait!!! You should sketch this one Bigman :)

Here's the Stout clan! We were having a great time already. Not sure if this is before or after the Fletcher's Corn Dog??

Here we are in Big Tex's sandbox. Joey probably could've scooped sand and plopped it into that bucket for hours, but the time limit was 10 minutes, so we left after one fill! Tonya is on the left. We met her on the way to the fair on the Green Line :) I love you Tonya!!! Thanks for hanging out with us all day!!!

We also went to the petting zoo. The only petting zoo I remember is the one at the Houston Rodeo, and you actually get to go into the pin with the animals. This one was crowded and you just fed the animals through these white fences :( It was still fun, and Joey had a blast!! That's her cup of feed that she dumped out entirely at the cow station I believe :)

I was bad about taking pics for the rest of the day, but the day included
  • seeing a 1000 + lb piggy
  • learning about the spirit of the horse
  • checking out the car show
  • walking
  • eating funnel cake, french fries, corn dogs, dibs, nachos, turkey legs, and I'm sure more :)
  • being cold
  • walking some more
  • and goats
All in all, a fun trip!

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