Monday, October 5, 2009

Lovin' This Weather!!

So the weather has been great here in McKinney, Tejas! We have been taking advantage each day when I get Joey from Miss Holli's house! Here are some pics :) Joey's favorite outside thing right now is to play with the basketball. We roll it and she chases it, picks it up, drops it, rolls it down the hills, and more! Enjoy the fun!

She kept throwing her water down...grrrrrr! She of course thought it was hilarious!

Joey has a hard time changing surfaces. This is one of the reasons we are going on more and more walks with her. She gets mad when we don't help her off of steps, but we know it's helping :) C'mon Joey, you can do it!!

Once she finally made it down into the grass, she found all sorts of fun things in the field next to our house. Here is a big green thing :) They were having a staring competition!

Here's another green thing?!? Not sure what these are, but Joey hasn't been electrocuted yet, so I guess they are ok??

We also saw a plane the other day and Joey loved it! It kept her attention for as long as we could see it!

Today we were hanging outside, and Joey has decided that the curb is her favorite seat.  I think she likes it because she can sit and her feet still touch the floor!  I know the feeling Joey :) Mommy likes when her feet touch too :)


Getting distracted during our little photo shoot!  Focus Joey, Mommy's over here!!!

This is a classic modeling move...the over the shoulder look!  I love it!

We were heading back into the house, and Joey kept telling daddy "no ball".  She didn't want him to help her :)  And so it begins!

Again, we are really enjoying this great weather! We are hoping it continues...we are having so much fun outside!!!

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