Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ist Appointment for Numero Dos!

So today was my first visit to the doc for Stout Seed #2! This is the appointment where you go in, get weighed, pee on a stick, they tell you "yes, you are preggo", you get your blood pressure taken, then you give blood to the lab for testing. Sounds like a blast right? This is why Johnny sat this one out! It's more of a formality than anything.

They also tell you how much your baby will cost based on what your insurance will pay. Talk about sticker shock :) I know it's worth every penny though :)

Anywho, my official due date is June 9th (my mom's bday), but she already scheduled me for a c-section on the 2nd of June! Funny story. All the babies in our family are April and June babies! My grandmother is April, my Uncle is April and my mom is June, I'm in April, and my sister is in June, Joey is in April and Stout Seed #2 will be in June! CRAZYYYYYYYY!!!

My next appointment is October 27th. From there they will set up a sonogram, and once we see the heart beating, we will be able to release all these posts and tell everyone we are PREGGO!! Can't wait! I will also start belly pics once we see the heart beat :) I know everyone is stoked!!

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