Monday, October 12, 2009

Jo's 1st Gymnastics Class

So Joey had her first gymnastics class with Daddy on Saturday! She totally looked the part in her cute little leotard! She liked the class and didn't scream the whole time which is always a good sign! I used to teach this class at our gym and at the other gym I worked at, so it was fun to watch for a change!

Here is Joey stretching....

She loved when Daddy would rock her back!

Here she is on the trampoline. If you are wondering what all the white dots are in these pics, it is chalk that flies around in the air of the gym all the time! This may be why my allergies are going crazy! Anywho....she loved the trampoline! She doesn't know how to jump yet, but we are working on it!

Here she is on the bar. She had a hard time holding on to the bar, but Daddy was able to help out, and she liked it!

Towards the end Jo was getting a bit distracted...not quite sure what she was SUPPOSED to be doing here :)

All together it was a fun class, and Joey had a great nap after! We can't wait to see how this upcoming week goes!


Christie said...

She looks so ADORABLE in her little leotard! Looks like she had a lot of fun. =)

Kelli Davis said...

That child could not be any MORE precious in that leotard! SOOOO cute!!!