Friday, December 3, 2010


So we have all seen the pictures of Joey with every single bow she owns in her hair, and she's really turning out to be our little fashionista :]  

I was minding my own business feeding Sammy.  Joey was sitting behind Sammy and I was concentrating :]

Little did I know........Check out these pictures of her styling her hot pink top.....

Joey is so funny and is contantly doing things to make us laugh.....this was no exception to the rule!  She was so funny showing off her "new creation" :]  

On a side note, when I was preggo with Jo, I prayed that we would have a funny kid :]  I guess I was praying in accordance to God's will on this one, because Joey's a hoot!!!

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Holly (me.) said...

Y'know... she's on to something. Have you seen those dresses that can be wrapped into halter, strapless, one shoulder, and cap-sleeves?