Tuesday, December 7, 2010

6 Months Old Already!!!

Hi...I'm Sammy, and I'm a happy 6 month old :] I've been 6 months old for 5 days now, but my mommy is a little slow to the punch on these things :] 

 In other news, I am eating like a pro these days!  My big old tongue used to get in the way but my mommy and daddy used a tip that auntie Tonya gave them and they pushed my tongue down with the spoon...now I know how to use that thing instead of it working against me!  I like all the food they give me, but I LOVE sweet potatoes, and all the fruits!!!  

I am talking a lot, and love to be the loudest one in the room!  

My sister can make me laugh just about any time of the day, and her favorite way to get me to laugh is to use my tummy as a pillow :]  Joey is so silly!!!  She calls me her "Sammy pillow"!  

My mommy and daddy are also trying to get me to roll over from my back to my tummy.  The thing is is that I don't really like to be on my tummy, and they haven't really found anything to entice me to roll over onto it willingly! I'm still great at rolling from my tummy to my back, and  I love rolling to my side and it's funny to watch mommy and daddy put toys in front of me to try to get me on my tummy!  I WILL DO IT WHEN I WANT TO :]

Well, here's mommy with my stats...whatever that means :]

Well, hello everyone!  Sammy pretty much summed it up, so here are the stats from her 6 month doc appointment today!  Her weight is 13.4lbs (5th %ile), her height is 24 inches (4th %ile), and her head circumference is 16 1/2 inches (31st %ile :]).  The doc said she is doing great and is growing right along on her own curve.  She staying consistent with herself and compared to her sister!  Now I don't know who is reading this and who isn't, so I'll give you the full meal deal.  When you go to the doc, the first thing you do is strip your kid down to their diaper to get them measured, weighed, and temp taken.  Then they go through all these questions...is she doing this, is she doing so and so, how much is she eating, how much is she sleeping? and the list goes on.  One of the questions our Nurse Rosa asked was if Sam was rolling from back to tummy, and it was the first time we had to say "no" on a milestone question :[  Our little girl is on her own time, and I guess that's OK. Our doc said since all her other milestones were on track that she's not worried about rolling over and that Sammy will pick it up soon enough!!  We just love her and feel so blessed to be a family of 4!  I can't wait to see what God has in store for our little family in the upcoming months as our girls grow and continue to learn!

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