Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bath Time :]

Bath time has gotten really fun around here for the girls!!  Let me back up......Since my last 3 months of my  pregnancy with Sammy, Johnny has become the primary bath giver!  At first my belly was too big and my back hurt, and once Sammy came, it was too hard for me to bend over the tub with my c-section scar.  Now Joey wants to take a bath with Sammy and Johnny is the only one who has the arm reach to make this happen.  So when Sammy first started in the bath, she looked like this.....

She didn't really like them, and she was all curled up in her tub!  Now she loves bath time, and she loves taking baths with Joey!!  Here's some recent bath shots....She's outgrown her baby bath and moved on to the duck bath {when we registered for gifts with Joey, this was the one thing Johnny was excited about :]  He wishes it came in his size...and here it is}

Even though the duck takes up a lot of room, Joey is perfectly content with her little play area :]

She can stand up like a big girl with minimal support from daddy :]  Look at her cute little birthmark on her back by her elbow :]

She's starting to splash and reach for things in the bath!

{love this picture :]}

Joey likes to pour things into Sam's bathtub!

So basically what happens is that Johnny will bathe Sam while Joey gets to play a little.  Once he's done with Sam I take over and get her lotioned, diapered, and pajamaed....just look at this sweet little girl...

Yay!!!  I love bath time!!!

Once I'm done getting her ready for bed, it's Joey's turn to get lotioned and dressed for bed!  So anyway, that's how bath time goes here, and it's a fun system we have at the Stout house!

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Holly (me.) said...

Isn't it great when the have-to-do items are get-to-do because the people involved are just fun?!

Maybe you can find Johnny a duckie tub in time for his next Father's Day... hee.