Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!

So this is a little late, but our tree is up and our stockings are hung! Here's some pics from the day!!

Johnny and I put the tree up after the girls went to bed!

And Johnny worked those lights!!

And the tree skirt...obviously the only thing I did was take pictures :]

The finished project!  {I did help fluff up the branches :]}

The next morning we woke up Joey and the first thing she said was "is my Christmas Tree up yet?"  We went down and let her start decorating!!

Daddy helped her pic out ornaments while Sammy just layed down :]


 I love these bells!!  They were my grandmothers before she moved in with my mom and big man! They make my day when the door opens!!!

 and I collect nut crackers!!  They live above our kitchen during the season!!

I just love Christmas and I love all our decorations!  I love that Joey talks about Jesus' birthday and sings Jingle Bells and Baby It's Cold Outside in the car with me!  I love that she's old enough to know about Santa!  I love that she plays with her little Veggie tales nativity, even though she tries to eat baby Jesus :] I love that she wants to give her Sunday school teacher a Christmas Card!!  Loves it!!!


Holly (me.) said...

Looks like your household is all about the merry!

Laurie said...

she is at such a fun age for Christmas this year!!