Friday, December 24, 2010

Cookie Day 2010!!!

So each year, the girls of Johnny's family get together and make Christmas cookies!  I asked where the tradition started, and was told that my MIL used to make the Christmas cookies and then the girls started helping out...years later it became their job or rather their joy!  We joined the crew this year and got put to work at Aunt Amy's house on cookie day!!!

The girls had tea parties :]

We even got Johnny to wear an apron!

The girls going over the recipes...they have an entire book with sheet protectors and everything....there was a very tense moment when someone took a recipe out of the sheet protector and let it on the counter....people were blamed, fingers were pointed, everyone agreed never to do it again :]

all the ingredients...

Johnny was in charge of the chopper...he loved it!!!

The girls got to help with some cookies!  Jackie would roll the dough, Claudia would dip them in egg whites, Mily would dip them in pecans, and Joey would place them on the cookie sheet :]

Our next job was to open up all the hershey kisses for the peanut butter blossoms

The whole process wore Sammy out :]

The girls got to help cut out the sugar cookies too!!!

Push hard!!!

Aunt Jackie passing on the tradition to the girls!!!  Maybe they will be taking pictures of their kids helping with the cookies one day!!

Sweet cousins :]  Mily and Joey are so fun together!!!  The conversations they have are hysterical!!

Toffee :]

What a fun day!!  Can't wait till next year!  Maybe Sam will be able to get in on the action!!

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Neely said...

And now I want cookies! Have a great Christmas!