Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

So this year we have been blessed beyond measure with the birth of Sammy, great family, and great friends!  Even keeping all that in mind, we have had no greater blessing than the birth of Jesus!  Without him we would be destined to a life lived in hell, and because we have him in our hearts, we are truly able to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday on Christmas!!!  We've been trying to inform Joey about the real reason we celebrate through Bible reading, her Veggie Tales nativity and songs.  We've been singing Happy Birthday to Jesus :]  All of that said, come Christmas day, she was only interested in the presents :]

Let's back up though, the whole celebration started Christmas Eve with the Stout side of the family!  We went to church and had a blast!  They asked the kids to come on stage to sing and dance!!  Joey was so cute, and I'm so sad I didn't have my camera to take a video of the whole thing.  She danced and sang and shook her booty and I kneeled down in front of her watching and tearing up.  I always cry when I see her do things like that!!!  She was so cute and during the service she kept asking when we got to go back on stage :] Who knows, maybe one day she will be singing on stage with a microphone and everything!!!

After church we headed over to the Stout house for some dinner, and present opening...

Uncle Bret handed out the gifts as usual!

Grandma held the little girls :]

Joey got a new color wonder book and Aunt Lisa helped her figure it out!

Dakotah loved his book from us!!!

Sammy got a blanket from Grandma!!!  It's so cute and soft :]

Aunt Becky got a Fancy Nancy doll.....oh wait, I think that's Mily's :]

Brittany was so surprised at her gifts from Grandma :]

Sammy got clothes and they obviously tasted yummy!!!

Johnny and his new orange Adidas sweatshirt...

Aunt Lisa helping Sammy figure out her new toy!!

So we were all done opening gifts and we were all just hanging out in the living room.  All of a sudden, Mily and Joey came out of Mily's room...we didn't even realize they were gone...and they were wearing Mily's new fairy dress up clothes.  We're not sure who got Joey dressed, but that is the skirt she has on as a top :]

We could not stop laughing, and I was actually in tears and we all had side stitches when we stopped laughing :]

She had the real top on as panties over her own panties of course!!

Ahhhh, much better!!!  Doesn't she look so pretty???

So Christmas Eve was a blast, and we got lots of fun stuff!  Stay tuned for Christmas day!!!

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