Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joey's 1st Christmas Show :]

For those of you who don't know, Joey goes to Mother's Day Out at our church 2 days a week.  She loves it and is obviously learning something...she comes home and gets me and Johnny to line up on the wall with our hands behind our backs all the time :]  She says stuff like "do we run around like this *Joey starts running*?  No, we stand still like this *Joey freezes*!"  It's really cute, and we just love when she plays this game :]  

So the other day was her 1st Christmas performance :] She spent most of the time conversing with Connor (the red head to her right), but there are a few sweet moments in this video :]

Here's a few of the pics :]

After the show was the class party back in the kiddo's classrooms.  I volunteered to be the room mom for the Green room so I got to go help set up for the party!  My mom also came to the performance and got to attend the party as well!!  There was tons of food, and the kids had a great time eating and hanging out!

As a class we got Miss Meggan and Miss Julie gift card wreaths!

Here she is with Miss Julie

.....and with Miss Meggan

...and here's her sweet friend Connor :) After seeing this picture, Johnny said he didn't want to have to beat up a 2 year old, but he just may have to :]

It was a sweet day spent with my sweet girl, and I can't wait for all the parties to come!!


Kelli Davis said...

Oh my goodness! This is potentially the most precious thing I've ever seen! I love the "sleep in heavenly peace" part that they obviously got some hand movement instructions on, because Joey does it perfectly. TOO CUTE!!! (And that Connor isn't bad looking... she could do worse...) (Kidding, Johnny, just kidding...) ;-)

Holly (me.) said...

Cute. Cute! Cute!!!