Monday, January 11, 2010

What's In a Name Part II.......

Warning...long post, but super fun if you ask me :)

So I remember doing this post with Stout Seed # 1.  We were about to have our sonogram to find out what our little seedling had morphed in to, and it was time to discuss names ever since!  Re reading this post was super fun!  I remember the night Johnny and I found out we were preggo with Joey and talking about names THAT night for our little seedling!  No worries about what could or might happen along the way, we knew that this seed God had blessed us with was our first baby and it would have a name by golly!

Skip a year or so once Joey was here and around her 9 month birthday, I was getting the itch to "try for another kiddo".  For obvious reasons Johnny was on board.  It took us quite some time to get here, but the Lord has blessed and entrusted us with one of His creations, and next Monday we get to find out what our little Stout Seed # 2 is!  I couldn't be more excited and the closer we get to the sono date, and the more I feel this little seedling move and groove in my belly, I just don't know how people don't find out what they are having!  Anywho, as far as names go for Stout Seed # 2...remember that itch at Joey's 9 month bday???  Well, I've been dreaming up names and running them by Johnny ever since :)  So these have been in the works for over a year, and we are set!!!!  Here goes....

For our boys name, we are recycling the name that would have been Joey's!  We have tried other names, and we just love this one because it has tons of meaning to us!  For those of ya'll just catching the news the boy's name will be....Carl Bauer Stout...we will call him Bauer, or Carl or CB (not sure yet :)!! Carl comes from 2 men in Johnny's life and my own. Carl is the name of Johnny's favorite Grandad. He remembers playing catch in the house with his Grandad, breaking stuff, then his Grandad would glue it back together so the kids wouldn't get in trouble! He was always ready, willing and able to get on the floor and play with the kids, and from the stories I've heard, just a phenominal man! If you have been to our home, you have seen the bright orange crushed velvet chair in our living room. This was Carl's, and is not leaving our house anytime soon! The Carl in my life is also known as Bigman. He is legally my stepdad, but so much more to myself and our family! He is fun, artistic, amazing with his hands, and can fix most problems from life issues to the garbage disposal. He is definately a Jack of All Trades. My sister and I met Carl before our mom did, and we introduced them not knowing what the future held, but man are we glad it happened! The result has been a great dad and role model! Johnny loves Bigman because he can make any situation funny :) Onto the name Bauer...From the time Johnny's best friend Cory named his son Easton (a popular hockey brand) Johnny called dibs on the name Bauer (another popular hockey brand). We were kind of joking around, but now love the name and will actually call him by Bauer if it's a boy! Johnny is super excited about nailing a Bauer hockey stick to the wall if it is a boy! 

No on to the girl's name...Samantha Lynn you can tell from our first child (Josephine "Joey" Leigh Stout) we like boy names for girls!  I have always loved the name Sam and have wanted to name one of my children Sam since I was a little girl..not too little though, because at one point in my life I WAS NOT having kids....oh well, times have a changed :)  We do not have any profound meaning for the name other than the fact that I just love it, and it hasn't been vetoed by Johnny!  I did do a little research though and found out that Samantha means "Listener of God", so that's not too shabby...we could all do a little more listening to God!  As for the middle name, it is my sister Vicky's middle name!  I have always loved it and wanted to use it for one of my kiddos....when I married into Johnny's family I found out that not only does Vicky bare that name, but Johnny's mother and all 3 of his sister's also have the middle name...the only difference is the spelling.  Johnny's family spells it with an "e" on the end and my sister does not.   I love my sister so much and if you haven't met this woman, then you are missing out!  She is the most supportive person you will ever meet.  She is kind, loving, caring, smart, witty, and so much more. I thank God everyday for her!!  I thought it was so weird hearing stories about sibling fights between my friends and their siblings...Vicky and I never fought, and if we did, I have forgotten it!  I know that if we do have a daughter and she gains even a fraction of Vicky's essence, we will be so lucky!  My Mother In Law who also has the middle name Lynne is amazing and I love how she has accepted me into her family with open arms.  I truly feel like a "Stout" and know that she is a huge part of that!  She loves Joey so much and you can see Joey light up when we are going to Grandma's!  My SILs who also have the middle name Lynne are so much fun too, each with their own personalities and each with something to bring to the table!  Amy is super loving and compassionate, Becky is fun loving and carefree, and Jackie has a quick wit and totally lights up a room!  Man, if we have a girl, she sure has a lot to live up to in that tiny middle name of hers :)

So long story long, that is where our child's name comes from, whether it's a boy or girl, these are our names and we are sticken to em...what do you think of the names, and what do you think the baby will be?????

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Liz Rock said...

OMG! I have tears in my eye's right now. You guys are AMAZING!