Monday, August 15, 2011

The Great Puzzle Caper.....

So I left you the other day with this picture...

....see the girl on the left?  that's rachel...she loves puzzles, in fact, she has a favorite puzzle.  most people have favorite books, but rachel has a favorite puzzle..."verticalville" to be exact :]

So we had been working on the puzzle for a few days when we decided to get after it and get it done so we could have more game playing room on the table.  Rachel was sleeping, and we were too close not to finish :]  

Let me back up by saying that Johnny, Jackie, Claudia and MIL were working the puzzle...Becky and I had Brittany steal 3 pieces so we could be the last ones to place a piece in the puzzle, but we got too impatient and jumped in on the action...

....notice Johnny's technique...we like to call this extreme puzzling!

everyone was so intense...we must finish!!!!

Here we go with the extreme puzzling again!  nothing is off limits when you are trying to get a puzzle done!

 we kept shifting the puzzle around so we could get a new perspective on it....we must get this done before rachel wakes up in the morning, it will be so funny!!!

So we come to the end of the puzzle, no thanks to Jackie who was growing impatient and throwing popcorn at us the whole time, and we were missing pieces?!?  There were more than 3 pieces missing, and Brittany, Becky and I didn't let on that we had any of them.  Brittany blamed Rachel for the missing pieces {she admited doing this before in another puzzle so she could be the last one to put the piece in} but alas, about 10 pieces spilled out of none other than Jackie's bra!!!  Once those Jackie's pieces were in place, the 3 of us put our final pieces in as well.....IT'S DONE!!!  This was well past midnight by the way....we were exausted!

Now, what to do with the we leave it on the table for Rachel and Bret to find in the morning?  Do we take all the middle pieces out and hide them in baggies around the house and leave clues for Rachel and Bret?  Do we move it to the other house and put it in front of their door??  Do we take a picture of it done, take it apart, then send them a picture of the finished product while they were working on it?  and then we settled on a plan......

we slid the puzzle onto the coffee table and began the transport to the other house...Stout and johnny were the muscle behind the operation...

I held the flashlight and Becky took the pictures....the rest of the folks were close behind :]

up onto the other patio.....keeping it level....nice job!

....we put the coffee table on top of the dining room table to be discovered in the morning :]  This table was right outside our bedroom!!

not sure why this isn't turned by oh well....not to mention that dakotah and mac were asleep directly behind us!  Now all we had to do was sleep and wait :]

Johnny and I woke up the next morning to clanging in the kitchen....bret and rachel were talking and johnny and i were just waiting for them to notice.

not sure who noticed first, but rachel started saying...."what????  I can't believe they did this!  they knew we were working on this puzzle..." laughing the whole time!  We came out of the room and cracked up :]  We told her what went down, and come to find out, she was awake the whole time and could have been helping us with the puzzle....LOL!  What a fun night :]  

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