Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wisconsin Take 6

Since the beach at our houses were not very sandy, we trekked 30 minutes a couple of times during the week to go go Crooked Lake :]  This is the lake that Johnny and his siblings grew up coming to.  Their granddad had a cottage across the street from it and they would go visit him weeks at a time during the summer.  Becky will tell you this is her favorite place on Earth, and it is so much fun, clear, and awesome!  So, here we go.....

We lugged these beach toys each time, and the kids loved them!!

"Yay, we love crooked lake....why are you making us wave Zip??"

Grandma with the girls...

Savannah's first dip in the lake :] She's about the age Joey was when we went last time!

At the lake there is this little pavilion with picnic tables to eat on.....we packed our lunches and picnicked while we were there!

Sammy won't wear hats but for some reason she kept this hood on which is good because we didn't want her to get sun burned! On a side note, none of THIS Stout family got burned!  

Grandma loves this lake too!

Our sweet child :]

Brittany conquered her fear of the sand :]

This was awesome....Carter said he had to pee and Johnny told him to go in the lake.  He just went up to the edge, pulled down his shorts and went for it.  It was the funniest thing!  Luckily the family next to us thought it was funny too :] Johnny then told Carter to go in the water up to his waist next time :]

Joey usually won't wear hats either, but I convinced her to wear mine so her head wouldn't get burned.  She looks so cute in hats...I wish she would wear them more often!  She played in this sand for a good hour or so :]

Grandma took Sammy in and she loved it!

*splash splash splash*

We love crooked lake :]

these girls were so hungry from all the play time at the lake that they downed all these grapes :]  

I'm pretty sure we stayed here for like 3 hours the first time we went, and the kids could have stayed longer if we'd let them!  See you later for some more....I think I'm almost done :]

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