Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wisconsin Take 2

so the fun continued all week....here we go...

I meant to put this pic with the last post...I just love sammy up on her little toe trying to see what in the world daddy is doing :]

 After waking up, the kids went fishing with their guide Mac off the deck :]  No hooks were involved at this point, but lots of tangling of fishing wire was involved...Guide Mac to the rescue :]

Sammy was entertained by these blocks for a good portion of the week. the goal was to have her walking by the trip, but she just wasn't {isn't} quite there yet, so she spent a lot of time indoors :]

The weather was so nice....notice Mac in a *gasp* LONG SLEEVED shirt!  We played games on the patio.....Scrabble Slam anyone??

The girls played Dora matching game....a lot....all week

Sammy was entertained not only by the blocks but by her new cousin Savannah who did exactly what she's doing in this picture most of the week :]

our house was the movie house....i guarantee that Hercules was played about 12 times this week....I'm so over that movie :]

we got a pontoon boat for the week...it had a stereo...dancing commenced!!!

not sure if you knew...but Mily's the queen of the world :] she will tell you so :]

Brittany was our fearless captain the entire week :]

Boy conversations rock :]

I love the boat :]

family photo...Joey looks scared or something here, but she was having a blast!!!

I had to get in on the dance party :]

the kids touched worms :] ewwwwwww

Britt let Jo take the wheel.......

.....Joey was in hog heaven :]

Mily and Dakotah bonding on the boat :]

once the boat fun was over for the day, we took the beach toys and headed back to the lake :] This lake was seriously a stones throw from our house!  LOVE!!!

Brittany went fishing for the volleyball :]

Sammy filled her bucket...

....and the adults sat on the bank :]

That's our house in the background....we were so close to the lake, it was awesome...until one of the kids would get brave and we would find them on the boat or in the lake without a parent or adult with them...OY :]  We can laugh now since we are all home safe and sound.

Not sure that I mentioned this, but all in all there were 21 people on this trip :]  10 adults and 11 kiddos.  Craziness and lots of love all in one place!  More to come tomorrow......it get's better :]

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