Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wisconsin...the Final Post :[

So we've come to an end in our Wisconsin posts...and what's a trip to WI without the ski show???  So here we go.....

the girls were getting ready for the show...

the ski team is made up of people of all ages...the youngest was 21 months I think, and the oldest is....well they didn't get into that :]  Just look at these little cuties though :]

The ski show was fun, but we did leave early since the little beauty above was getting out of hand, so we left and went for ice cream!  We had ice cream about 3 or 4 times while we were in WI, but I somehow didn't get a picture of any time we went :[  Oh well!

So after the ski show, we were all inspired to do some tricks of our own, so the next day we rented a tube and took the kids :]  Most everyone went horseback riding, so while they were gone, we took Joey and Mily out on the tube while they had the chance :]

Joey went first...Johnny rode with her!

Next up was Mily....she loved it and actually ended up riding by herself later in the day!

the girls were tired!!

the rest of the day we spent sitting on the dock and swimming :]

all in all we had the best time ever!!!!  Thanks mom for such a great time!  We had a blast, and it was so much fun to see our kids have so much fun!  I enjoyed reading, relaxing and seeing our kids soak up all the fun!!!  makes me really want to live on a lake one day!

I can't wait for our next family vacay :]  

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