Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wisconsin Take 3

Holy moly....I forgot to put our nightly festivities on yesterday's goes :]

This was the night we had a fire :]  Brittany, Claudia and I had prepared some Music and Johnny came at us with some awesome Bible teaching about fearing the Lord.  Here's the prep.....

we had to get some night shots :]  We had a volleyball net up all week by the lake!  I think this is Macer and Carter :]

Brit was throwing some rocks off the dock....I will post all my pics in facebook later, and there are tons that she took trying to get the splash in the water from a rock...OY

While waiting on the smores, Brit took some pictures of me and my love :]

let the fire commence...both Johnny and Joey look mesmerized :]

Bret cracked us all up with these "spotlights" that were in fact crank powered!  During choruses of the songs he would flash them around disco ball one point during the song the stopped to crank the light saying he had to get them ready for the next chorus :] Love it!

More to come tomorrow!  Thanks for those hanging in was a full week of greatness, so there is more :]

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