Monday, August 15, 2011

Wisconsin Take 7

I think we might be nearing the end of the Wisconsin journey :[  It's been fun reliving it with all 2 of you reading :]  Anywho, here's more shameless pics of my super fun family....this was family picture day, and out of all the ones we took as the Stout 4, this is the best shot :]

.....and most of our shots were candids.....

Here's Johnny coaching the Joey on how to not to squint into the bright sun :]

not sure what sam's doing, and me and Jo have some wierd head tilt :]

"I know the sun burns your eyes, but it's just for a can do it Joey!!"

"uh kinda" :]

Ok, sammy, you are getting out of control :]

Maybe if we try a different location?? Um, nope....

 LOL, still no...

 Mily came out ready for her turn and gave Joey some entertainment for a minute :]

Seriously, how big does our girl look???  

There are more family pictures, and I'll post those another day when they are all edited and ready for public viewing....after the pics though, we piled in the car and headed back to crooked lake!

 By crooked lake is this crazy giant rock that the siblings would climb when they came to visit their's super steep, slippery, but you feel accomplished when you are done!

we made it to the top!!!

brittany decided this would be her workout of the day, so she went back down and climbed back up :]

we were all so stinkin' hot after that, we went to the lake and jumped right in!

we even took this tiny hiny in with us :]

Joey caught a really surprised me how she wasn't even scared of it!  She tends to be a bit girly, but not with this little guy...she even held him in her hands!

just another awesome day in crivitz, wisconsin!  I need pictures of "the puzzle story" from anyone who has them...also if you have pictures of Joey fishing, that would be great too!  Back tomorrow for what may be the last WI post!

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