Friday, August 12, 2011

Wisconsin Take 4

A sweet note from my Mother in Law....

Congrats on the new car!!! Christy I am proud of the new car and all, but the people hear are waiting for another chapter of the vacation trip.   Really I have 4 people who came to my office to see the latest blog.  They are all happy about the car too, but really need the blog.   Tell your boss you need some time to get this done ok?
Love ya   Mom

LOL!!! So as per my Mother in Law's request, and the city of Plano's is part four of this awesome trip :]

So we saw a few days ago what the dock looked like at night, and here's what it looked like by day :]  Kids running and jumping parties on the boat...and the oldest cousin Brittany playing with the little ones ...

before Brittany would let the kids jump to her she would ask them who their favorite cousin was....if they answered *correctly* then she would catch them :]  Here she is with Joey having that very discussion....

I love this picture :]  Joey would only jump off to people....Mily and Peyton {next pic} would run and jump in full can see Brittany guarding Joey from Mily...if you didnt know, joey moves at her own pace :]......that pace is rarely fast enough for anyone else :]

Go Peyton go!!!

Here's a view of the net getting some play time :]  We just set it up and used it throughout the week as desired!

We had this monster of a boat for the day and it was as long as the dock!  

Look how clear the lake was!  It was up to my shin and you can still see my teenie toes :]  They call the water "tea lakes" because it looks like yummy iced tea :]

The boat was the bridge to the dock


Brit and Me :]

We had to take the boat back and exchange it for a newer model so captain Johnny was on the job!

When we went to get the newer boat, Macer found a friend....side note....Here Macer is displaying the swords that kept the kids entertained and in trouble all week :]

Trying to get a sweet pic and Mac decides to cut his dad's head off :]

They were doing the "zipper" face :]

Brittany letting Mily drive :]

Peyton drove to but he was so serious about it...he would not even look at me for the picture...pretty sure we were going about 10 MPH :]

That night started the puzzle :]  Love this story......

.....and we will continue that tomorrow :]

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