Tuesday, April 27, 2010

200th Post :) Library Fun!!

So when I started this little blog in 2007 I had a vision of a digital scrapbook/journal of our life as a family! I have had so much fun letting y'all take a peek inside our world, and hope that you have enjoyed it too!  Each year I have upped my posts and I plan on doing the same this year! Thanks to my 13 "followers"!  It makes me happy to know that at least 13 people are paying attention to this thing :)

On with the library fun :)  It's Tuesday and we know what that means, Joey has some new books from the library!  Here's what we got...

I mean, this one just looks cool!  We shall see :)

We own Lilly's Purple Purse and we love it, so I went for this one hoping it would live up to the other book we already know and love :)

Joey saw this book and she said "Bella's Sippers!!!"  We just returned Belinda and the Glass Slippers and she loved it!  We have also checked out another Belinda book and Joey has loved them all...we will see if this is the same!

This one is self explanatory!  Our kid has a crazy obsession with anything Dora and now she talks about Diego too.  I didn't hunt for this book, but found it on a random shelf and figured it was divine intervention, so I pounced on it!

I just realized that I downloaded a picture without a title on it.....Oh well, this is the cover artwork for Elmer's Special Day!  We own Elmer and love this patchwork elephant!  I had no idea there was another book in the series and I can't wait to read this 2nd book!!

Last Library trip we got Firefighter Ted and Joey loved it!  Firefighter Ted kept "saving" people and "helping them to safety"!!  It was super cute, and I hope this one is just as cute as the other one :)

This is from the author's of Click Clack Moo which we love!  Figured we'd give this one a chance too :)

So, um, yeah!  Any favorites of yours that I need to read to our little girl {or our big girl as she calls herself...the other day she said "I no go potty, I'm a big girl"...so cute!} or books that your parents read to you that made a lasting impression on your little minds???

Oh and 1 last thing...notice there are no "Licious" books this Library trip!  That's cause Aunt Vicky got Joey her very own copy of Pinkalicious!  She opened it and said "My Licious" and sat down to read it on the spot!!  So much fun!!!  Here's the evidence!

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