Friday, April 23, 2010

Joey's Birthday Day :)

So Joey's bday actually started last night when Grandma brought her present over :)  We "wrapped" it so that she could discover it in the morning!

We also wrapped her other presents from us and put them in the hallway outside her room for her to discover in the morning :)

Joey ended up not doing what I thought she would which was wake up and get out of bed to discover the presents.  Instead, she stayed in bed and called for daddy :)  We both got up and went to lay in bed with her for a minute, then we let her know she had presents in the hallway...she said "my pesents???"  So we went and opened she is playing with her Dora Backpack, and her new puzzle with daddy.  We also got her the movie Bolt :)

When we went downstairs, she pulled the blanket off her brand new table from Grandma!  She wanted to do her puzzle on it while daddy was cooking breakfast!

Breakfast included bacon {yummo}, pancakes, eggs and orange juice!  Thanks daddy :)

Happy Birthday to you!!

After breakfast we continued to play with our new stuff!  The living room was a wreck :)  We cleaned it up and went to lunch with Nonny and Greatmother!

Joey was brought her very own pazookie at BJ's for her birthday!  She insisted on eating it herself...she's definitely 2!!  I was able to sneak a few bites from her :)

Here she is with Greatmother and Nonny!!

After lunch we came home and gave Joey a nap.  Once she woke up we had her 2 year wellness visit at her pediatrician's office.  She weighed in at 25 lbs even {27th %ile}, her height is 33 inches {27th %ile}, and her head circumference is 18.75 inches {53rd %ile}.   All of her percentages went up and Dr. Frank said that she grew a lot in the last 6 months!  She also said that Joey was super smart for her age too!  She was surprised at her sentences and said she usually just wants 2 year olds to string 2 words together. Anyone who knows Joey knows that she can do that and much more!  It's always fun when people talk about your kids like that!  We didn't think Joey was going to have to get a shot, but she did have to get a booster shot...she cried for 1 second then the nurse gave her a bracelet and sunglasses...she was good to go after that!

When we got home we played with her new tricycle that Nonny and Dedecek gave her.  She can't reach the pedals yet, but that didn't stop her :)

Here she is in action.....

And we had to play with the scooter that Johnny and I got her.  She just stands on it and says "pedel me".

We ended our day with a pizza picnic in the living room!  We watched Bolt during the picnic and it was super cute :)  

All in all, the day was awesome!  We had tons of fun with our daughter, and the celebration isn't over yet :)  Can't wait for her bday party this Sunday!  I'll post about that later :)  Thanks for all the texts and FB messages for our daughter's birthday!!


Laurie said...

So cute, Christy! This was one of my fav posts yet, but I am a sucker for b-days. That video of her w/breakfast was priceless!! Did you both stay home from work for her b-day? What wonderful parents you are!!!

We got Isaac that same scooter in red for his 3rd b-day and he still loves it! Great investment especially with a little sister coming along!

Happy Birthday, Jo!!!

czstout said...

Thanks Laurie :) It was so much fun, and yes, we both ditched work to hang out all day!

Glad to hear about the's a little big for her now, but we are sure she'll grow into it! Can't believe it still suits Isaac...I guess it was a good investment :)