Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Libraries Rock :)

2 Weeks have gone by and another set of books are back at the library!  I went tonight and got a whole new set :)  The great thing about library books are that you never have to get bored because you don't have to have them that long if you don't want to!  Every time I go, I usually bring back some books that Joey loves and some that she loves to talk through :)  I take note and go back for more 2 weeks later!  Here are the gems I picked up today :)

This one is from the same author of the "Llama Llama" books :)

This looked like so much fun!  Animals that love to sing??  Sign me up please :)

We had another Sergio book last time and Joey didn't chitter chatter through the whole thing, so I went for the sequel!

We also had a Belinda book from the last library trip, and I just loved her big feet :)  So naturally I went for another Belinda book :)

I've heard this book rocks :)

Look how cute this little book looks!  I had to get it :)

And a crowd favorite...Purplicious!  Joey just loves these "licious" books!

So there it is folks, I'm excited to read to Joey!  What are books your kids can't live without??  What was your favorite childhood book??  I'm always looking for ideas!

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