Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Wrap-Up

So this past Saturday was my birthday :)  My 29th to be exact!  We had a great day and I'm always sad when the day ends on my bday!!  

Before we even get to the actual Bday, I have to mention that on Friday night we had my Mom, Bigman, Vicky and Ricky come over for dinner.  We had fun talking and playing with Joey!!  I got The Blindside from Vicky and Ricky, and I also got some money from my Mom, Bigman and my Grandmother :)  I have plans for the moolah that I will talk about in a minute :)  Anywho, it was fun to celebrate with my fam and the dinner was even better!  We had Brats, Ranch Style Beans, My mom's homemade Mac N Cheese, and a Chocolate Cake that my hubby made! Everything was yummo!!  That night after everyone left, Johnny and I went to bed and watched The Blind Side!  I just love that movie!

My actual birthday started with waking up and taking Joey to gymnastics.  She's getting so much better and even did her forward roll down the cheese mat all by herself for the first time!!!  Afterwards we went to Best Buy to look at this beauty...

This is what I am saving the moolah for!  Johnny gave me money toward this as well.  I have about 1/3 of what I need to purchase this bad boy!  I long to take purty pictures, and with this Nikon D90 I just know I can reach my photography potential!  It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine :)  I digress...

After Best Buy we came home and it was so nice outside that we had to do some sidewalk chalk!  While we were outside, my MIL brought me my very own cake!  It was so cute and looked like a blue rose.  Yummo!!  

Amanda came and picked me up, and we went to the nail salon to get a much needed Pedicure which I chipped by that night :(  It was super fun to get out and relax!  I am officially ready for flip flop season!

Once we got home, our friend and babysitter Holli brought me this awesome dessert that she made for me!  It was a Reese's dessert cake thing that rocked my world!  Thanks Holli!!!

That night we went out to eat with some great friends at Babe's Chicken.  If you have never been to this place, you should go, and take my advice and go early!  We got there at 5p and weren't seated till 6ish!  I took tons of pics at Babe's, so here goes...

Here are all the April Bday girls {Me, Kelli, and Amanda} doing the chicken dance!

Brian and Kelli

Madison, Brandon, Hannah {in the chair}, and Amanda

Isabel, Bella, Emma, Tony and Noah

Johnny, me and Joey

Our waitress Morgan took the kids to do the Hokey Pokey!!

Noah, Madison, and Joey outside in the cool seats!!

After pigging out on fried chicken, mashed tators, cream corn, and more, we went back to the house and ate the yummy Reese's PB dessert that Miss Holli made for me!  It was amazing, and we ate a lot!!  We called it a night around 11:30p.  I was so tire, but excited for church the next day!!  EASTER rocks :)

Thanks to everyone who made this day super special!  See you again next year :)

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