Friday, April 23, 2010

Joey is 2!!!

Mommy: "How old are you Joey?
Joey: "Not 2!"

Contrary to her belief, today is our sweet girl's birthday!  I was reliving the moment my water broke when I got up last night around the same time for a routine pee session :)  My water did not break this time, but I couldn't help but remember me yelling to Johnny that my water had broken on that very same night 2 years ago.  Johnny called from the bedroom..."are you sure??"...and I was very sure!  To read the rest of the story, click here :)

Later, I will recap our day which has already been filled with some super fun stuff, but for now, I just want to write some things about Joey that we all love, things that she says, and quirks that she has!

Joey's personality is really coming out these days.  She loves to say "Hi" to strangers, and sing with the radio {or just whenever she feels the urge}. She is great at cleaning up when we tell her to do so, and she rarely fusses or throws fits.  She listens for the most part and is good at not running off in stores :)

Joey says lots of fun things, but some of my favorite catch phrases of hers are....
  • "Oh no, _______'s missing"  Just fill in the blank with what ever is on her mind at the time!
  • "No Mommy, I do it myself"
  • "Daddy's working"
  • "Let's pay" {pray}
  • "I want Jesus" {meaning I want to read my Bible"
  • "Thank you for dinner"
  • "I love you more"
  • "I go potty"
  • "Oh no, Daddy's home, let's hide"
  • "I wanna watch my show" {she loves Dora, but we don't let her watch it that often}
  • "I want my puzzles"
There are tons more that I'm sure I am forgetting, but when these little sentences come out of our little girl's mouth, it either sends us through the roof laughing, or surprised that she can talk in sentences!! does a 2 year old have quirks??  Well ours does!  She loves things to be tidy.  She is very meticulous when it comes to putting things away, and she knows where everything goes without us having to say so.  She typically won't stop till it's right!  She also loves to wash her hands...I don't know if it's because she wants them clean or because she wants to play in the water??  I guess I don't care as long as they get clean!  She also gets annoyed if I'm driving Johnny's truck or if he drives my car.  She will let us know that we are in the other parent's seat!

I know there are more things i want to remember about our little munchkin, but this is why I write this blog, so I won't forget all the little details!  Check back later tonight for an update on what she got for her bday and all the bday festivities!!  

Happy Birthday Joey!


Liz Rock said...

OMG I am reliving that LOOONG day at the hospital! Happy b-day little Joey! Aunt Lizzie LOVES you!

Kelli Davis said...

How about "Where's _________?" Or "Eeeeeema!" or "Baaaaeeby!" (said with a squeal!)

Love this munchkin! Happy birthday, Joes!!!