Monday, May 3, 2010

" I want baby"

So for Joey's birthday, our friends Shawnda and Scott got her a baby that can take baths with you!  It's so cute :)  When we got home from her party she insisted that we open it even though we only had a few minutes to play.  Since we had to go to Grandma's and I didn't want her to take it with her, I hid it in a bag for later.  That night when Grandma took her home to go to bed, Joey said "I want baby".  She marched over to the bag I had hid her in and started digging!  She remembered where the baby was and got her :)  These two have been inseparable since!  Here are some pics of Joey and her new baby...

Here's when Joey got her baby at her 2 year old birthday party!!  Check out that smile :)

Here's Joey with her baby in the stroller that Jestine and Louis gave her!  She loves to push baby around although she often piles up tons of other stuff on top of her :)

Here she is with baby at the computer desk.  You can't really see much of baby, but notice she has her yellow towel is with her.  It most go with her at all times!  If it's not in sight, Joey is asking "Where baby towel?".

Here's baby in the bath with Joey.  Check out that smile!!  The only bad thing about actually putting baby in the bath is that we go to bed right after we take a bath, and baby doesn't drain fast enough to get to go to bed with Joey this way.  Tonight we tried having baby "watch" Joey take a bath, and that seemed to work just fine!!

And I saved the best for last people, Baby even has to watch Joey go potty!  She seems happy to me :)

  Baby is also good at getting Joey to do things, for example..... {Joey} "I no brush my teeth" {Mommy} "Baby likes when you brush your teeth" {Joey} "I brush my teeth...ahhhhhhhhh"!  Voila...brushed teeth without the fuss!

So thank you Shawnda and Scott for such a fun gift!  Joey loves her new baby as you can see!

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Christie said...

That is just so precious!! She is sooo adorable!