Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up :)

This weekend was CRAZY, so let's just dive right in shall we??

It all started Friday night when we went to see one of my besties perform at the AAC!  Liz has worked super hard, and it shows!  Here's a video of her dancing with the Dallas Vigilantes Dancers!  {She's the blonde 3rd from the left}

They danced the entire game it seemed, and I got tons of pics of Liz and her friends!  I'm so proud of her and am sad that I'll be too big to see anymore of her games this season!  Here's a few pics of this lovely lady...

Liz, you are so stinkin' cute and I just love you!  Great job on Friday night :)

Saturday started off at Gymnastics with Joey.  I worked while Johnny and Joey did class, then our friends Amanda and Brandon met us at the gym with their kiddos to head to the Dallas Zoo!  The Zoo was fun, but we weren't super impressed with the animal selection :(  The only big animals we saw was a gorilla, a couple of giraffes, and an ant eater.  Boooooooo!  Apparently they are redoing some things and the grand opening for that is Memorial Day.  The company was fun though!  We love hanging out with Brandon, Amanda, Madison, and Hannah!  Here are a few pics from the Zoo :)

Joey and Madison :)

Joey and Daddy checking out the Giraffes

Joey and Madison looking at the butterflies {I mean seriously, butterflies at the zoo...wierd}

Here's Hannah peeking out of the stroller :)  So cute!!!

After that we headed to our nephew's bday party!  Brandon is 6 now, and he's so grown up :)  Joey hadn't had a nap at this point and fell asleep about 3 blocks from the party...we tried to keep her asleep, but she woke up and sprung into action!  Here are some bday pics...

It was a bounce house party :)

Joey climbing to play with her favorite cousin Mily {sorry other cousins, it's a cold hard fact}

This kid loves bubbles!!  Thanks for the party favor Aunt Jackie :)

I guess Mac likes bubbles too :)

A Birthday party isn't complete without a birthday serenade from cousin Brittany!

After all the festivities we went home, fed and bathed Joey, and she was in bed by 6:30p!!  Johnny and I put a movie in and were both asleep by 8p!  The Stout family did not wake up til 8a on Mother's day :)  FABULOUS!!!

Sunday we had cinnamon rolls before church, then went to hear a great sermon on parenting!  We went to brunch with Johnny's fam, then came home to rest before Life Group!'s over, and the week started again!  This weekend should be just as crazy, but in a great way!!

If you made it to the end of this post, thanks, I love you dearly!


Holly (me.) said...

Oh, my. The picture of your cutie with that great big bubble is precious!

green pickles said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! Thanks for commenting on my blog post! By the way, you asked me if being excited about international mail made you a dork - not at all!!!! I even save the stamps from the packages and parcels I get from overseas so we can be dorks together! Hope those hair clips are still making you smile! Love Aimee