Friday, May 14, 2010

Pen Pal Reveal Day :)

So today was a special day for the Stout Life Group :)  We have adopted a 5th grade class at Webb Elementary who we have done several things with this school year.  We have helped with parties, visited for lunches, hosted a career day, and more.  My favorite thing that we have done this year has been being paired with students in our class to be Pen Pals with.  It's so much fun to show up at Life Group and get letters from our kids!  We always read the letters aloud and talk about how funny our kids are and how smart they are...we compare who's letters were the longest, and which kids ask for yugioh cards and what not. 

Anyway, today we went to the class and hung out with our Pen Pals.  We talked, ate sweets and played games!  It was a lot of fun, and here are some pics.....

Here's me and my Pen Pal Ayse :)  She's super smart and always has great questions and writes really well.  She likes volleyball, is in choir and is on Team Edward :)  It's been really fun getting to know Ayse through letters, and we had a great time talking in person today!

Here we are with the whole class.  If I didn't have this enormous belly, I could totally fit in with this bunch of kiddos :)  They are great kids!!

Kristi was brave enough to hop in on a game of Twister :)

Scott dominated in Connect 4!

Brandon got schooled in checkers....this kid forgot to mention that he was in the chess club :)

Louis was totally consumed in Jenga....he ended up loosing, but this game was intense!  {The kid watching Louis in the red shirt is Johnny's Pen Pal}

Amanda and Hannah played some Apples to Apples...I love this game!!!!

OOOOO, and here is the spread...cookies, chips and dips, drinks and cake!!!!  Yummo!!!!!

I obviously was taking the pics during all the game time, but I did take my turn getting beat in Connect 4 :)  The day was super fun, and I am glad I was able to go!  These kids will be middle school next year, and they are super excited!

Can't wait to see if we will get another class who wants Pen Pals next year!


Laurie said...

oh my are SO Juno in that group photo. Hilarious!!

czstout said...

LOL Laurie...I should have worn a skirt over my jeans!!!