Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Threads of Gratitude

I am finding these times of reflection where I actually have to stop and think about what I'm thankful for refreshing.  I hate that it takes a weekly blog post to see the work our maker is doing in my life, but it definitely is making me view things in a different way!  Here goes :)

Dear Father, today I am grateful for a great OB!  She sets me straight when I get moody or have a silly question, but not in a bad way.  For some reason her bluntness doesn't offend me, it comforts me.  Thank you for sending her into our family's lives!

Holy One,  I am so thankful for a daughter who tests us.  It is in these times that we can demonstrate your love for us through how we respond to her.  Just as you discipline us for our choices, she is learning that she will be disciplined for hers.  The terrible 2's should be called the teachable 2's!

Sweet Jesus,  I am so thankful for friends who you have sent to me throughout the years.  I love that my best friend is multiple friends, and that each one serves the purpose you put them in my life for.  A lot of times I don't really know that purpose, until something happens and they know the exact thing to say or give a hug at the time needed.  I love all my friends for different reasons, and I know those friendships have been ordained by you.

Lord, Thank you for the ability to be crafty :)  I just finished a project, and when I do a project, I rarely take the easy way out.  I love that you put artistic men in my life to influence me through the years.  My dad is an amazing visionary and we loved wearing the clothes he would make us and the moccasins too :)  Bigman has always been amazing at drawing, painting, and I loved watching him create master pieces out of my mom's old eye shadow!  Both men are super crafty when it comes to tools, and I am blessed to have a love of art because of both of these men.  My "art" doesn't always come out the way that I see it in my head, but I love that I love to do it :)

Now it's your turn!  What are you thankful for?  Blog about it if you have a blog...leave your blog link in the comment section of this post.  Don't have a blog, leave your threads in the comment section of this post!

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