Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Final Weekend as a Family of 3.....

So here it is, Monday of the week Sam will be born!  There is no question that this kid is coming out Wednesday morning if not sooner :)  This weekend was super busy, and my hubby did so much for our house it kinda makes my head spin!

Saturday morning, we woke up and took Joey to gymnastics class.  She's getting better, and she loves to "jump" on the trampoline!  On the way home we went to Wal Mart so that we could eat this week and we got out of there for under $80 thanks to some gift cards!!!  When we got home, Johnny cleaned the entire garage...swept, shop vacuumed, organized and sprayed for buggies.  Joey and I played with bubbles :)  After that we put Joey down for a nap and I went to get a Manicure and Pedicure compliments of Bret Stout and Alan Kirby..... 

.......while Johnny deep cleaned the entire down stairs and sprayed for bugs in there too.  He pulled all the furniture away from the walls, vacuumed the base boards, dusted, mopped, and cleaned anything cleanable :)  What a man!! We also got the Pack N Play set up, moved Joey's kitchen upstairs, and her babies down stairs...I'm pretty sure we worked in some Play Doh time too :)

Sunday rolled around and we went to church.  I got the normal questions like "You're still here?", "You haven't popped yet?", and "When are you due again??".  The sermon was a good one as usual talking about what Jesus would have us deconstruct in our lives to be more like him.  We know the answers, but it's putting the belief into action.  I need me some of that!  After church, I went to see Sex and the City with Kelli and Shawnda.....

......while Johnny put Joey down for a nap and then proceeded to deep clean the entire upstairs!  Again, he moved furniture, vacuumed, cleaned both upstairs bathrooms, and I'm not even sure what else!  I came home and it smelled glorious :)  Last night we went to the mall to get me a night gown for the hospital.  I'm remembering having to untie the whole thing during feedings, and it's a hassle!  We found 2 that I liked and came home for dinner.  

Today is my first official day of Maternity leave and I'm just sitting her waiting for this baby to come out!  I do have some work to do today and will most likely get it done, but I don't have to go in to EWA for anything! 

And that's our weekend in a nutshell...busy, relaxing {for me}, and busy!!!

I'll leave you with this was one of our first family photos as a family of 3 and I can't wait to take our 1st family photo as a family of 4!

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