Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up :)

What a fun weekend!  Our Friday night consisted of Pizza Picnic Friday with Joey..we watched these guys......
, ate pizza, and had a good time as a family!  I'm totally soaking in these nights, I know it won't be too long before Joey will think it's a stupid thing to hang with her parents :)  After dinner and putting Joey to bed, Johnny went to play hockey with his brother!  Since I was home alone, I popped in season 5 of Sex and the City

{trying to get ready for Sex and the City 2 to come out} 
and watched something like 5 episodes before I fell asleep!  It was a fun night for sure :)

Saturday rocked too :)  We went to gymnastics in the morning with Joey, came home, ate some lunch then took some naps!!  That night, our friends threw us a super fun baby shower for Samantha Lynn!  We got tons of diapers and wipes, along with some clothes!  The real surprise came at the end...check out the pictures to see what went down!

Yay :)  Here I am with some of the hostesses!  From L to R...Amanda, Shawnda, me, Jae, and Kristi!  Kelli, Jestine and Isabel weren't able to make it, but everyone pulled together and the party was super fun!!!
Super cute decorations were all over the house!  We also got to keep these tiny socks and the onesies that were hung all around!!  So much fun :)  Thanks hosts!!

There was so much yummy food that I didn't even taste everything!  The theme of the shower was diapers, drinks and desserts, so that's why all these sweets were there!  I was in sugar heaven!!

Then we got to open fun presents!!  Yippee :)  We got tons of diapers and wipes for Sam!  We also got some clothes, lotion, baby wash, toys and more!

Just when we thought we were done, they told us there was 1 more gift....

Oh my goodness!  Our hosts got us a double stroller!!!!  This was honestly the only thing we needed for Sam!  We were going to have to go buy it, and are so thankful we don't have to!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  

We love our friends, and we had such a blast at the shower!  Now we just have to wait 2 1/2 more weeks for Sam to get here :)  I can't wait!!!

Hope your weekend was amazing too!!!

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Kelli Davis said...

I can't believe I missed it, but Brian said it was a TON of fun!! Looks like the girls did a great job- so glad you guys had fun! MISS YOU!