Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day :)

Today was awesome!  I prayed that God would let me sleep last night and I only had to get up twice to pee :)  That's opposed to the 7 times that I usually get up to pee, so thank you for the answered prayer!!

Once awake, I went to get Joey and we all ate some breakfast!  Joey is getting really good at eating cereal with milk and a spoon all on her own, so that's fun!  I love getting to give her new foods and watch her step up to the challenge!

After breakfast we went on a walk and ended up at the pool.  We stuck our feet in and Joey was ready to go in all the way!  We went home, put our suits on and went back to the pool for a refreshing dip.  Joey did really well and wasn't afraid of the water :)  We were there for about an hour or are some cute pics!!!

I love this picture because you can't see my enormous belly :)  The pool actually felt really good on my belly! It was nice to be weightless for a change...when I got out, it felt really weird and heavy!!

Wow, that's high daddy!!!

Let's blow some bubbles!!

Look at that red hair!  She and daddy had a great time playing :)

Next it was time for a snack and time for us to figure out our double stroller...

Once Joey went down for a nap, I went to visit my friends Liz and Kevin at her Mama's house :)  Liz is el Preggo and I'm so excited for her!!!

Once I headed home, I got Joey and Johnny and we went to Amanda and Brandon's for some food and fun! The kids had a blast in the sprinkler :)  

And the adults had fun hanging out :)

There was home made ice cream and cobbler :)

...and some cute babies :)

All in all, a great day!  It's crazy to think that in less than 36 hours we will have a newborn baby! WOW!!!  Please pray for an easy surgery and recovery...also I'm getting a little nervous about being cut open...yikes!!! 

Hope your Memorial day rocked as much as ours did!!

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