Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Threads of Gratitude...What Are Yours??

It's time to give thanks to our Lord!  Anyone with me??  Read mine and leave yours in the comment section below...

Dear Heavenly Father, thanks so much for great friends!  We had an amazing time at our shower this weekend and it is a direct result of the people you have put into our lives!  We are so grateful!

Lord I thank you for your provision.  With Sam coming in 2 weeks, there is honestly nothing we need that we don't have!  What a relief, and we know we are not stressing because of your graciousness!

Jesus, thank you so much for this basketball in my belly otherwise known as Sam.  She's in the way and she sure moves a lot, but I already love her!  I don't know what color her hair will be, and I have no idea if she'll have all 10 fingers and toes, but I don't care!  I know that you are in control and I know that you have molded Samantha in my womb...you know the number of hairs on her head, and you know where she'll be years from now.  Thanks for blessing us with her!

King of Kings, thank you for our couch :)  It's super comfy and the only thing that I can sleep longer than 4 hours on!  Yay!!!

Now it's your turn!  What are you thankful for?  Blog about it if you have a blog...leave your blog link in the comment section of this post.  Don't have a blog, leave your threads in the comment section of this post!

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