Thursday, March 4, 2010


So we have had some cruddy weather here in McKinney, Texas lately, so imagine my surprise when I picked Joey up from Miss Holli's on Tuesday and it was beautiful outside!!!  I called Johnny and we decided to meet at the park at our church which is right by the school he teaches at.  We got there and it was FREEZING!!!  We lasted until Daddy got there and about 5 minutes after that which resulted in no pictures from our park outing :) Burrrrrrrrrr

On a different/but similar note, today was also a beautiful day, but instead of kinda being beautiful, it was full on beautiful!!  We didn't meet Johnny at a park, but we did decide to paint when we got home!  I dressed Joey in some pants that don't have a matching top, and one of my old favorite shirts that I used to wear when I was a skinny mini, and we went on our way!  It was nice to be in the sun and even nicer to create something from nothing!  My roomie from college used to paint all the time, and she would let me use her stuff :)  I forgot how much I like to just sit and paint......keep in mind an almost 2 year old was helping, so my personal work is not represented in the pictures to follow :)  Here's how the painting went.....

All the paint is out...let's go!!

Don't worry, her left arm is not that shirt that is skin tight on me is way big for her and she has her elbow bent :)

She didn't like when the brushes were dirty so she'd put one down and start with another one :)

Like a true artist...sitting back and preparing to create!

Oooooo La La!!

She also didn't like when the paint would get on her hands till I let her know she could wipe them on the shirt! {Notice the shirt says "Everyone loves an Irish girl".  I absolutely love this shirt and I'm so sad that there is a hole in the shoulder and that I have too big of a belly to wear this anymore!  Alas, it is now Joey's painting shirt....and she looks very Irish in it if you ask me! }

Daddy's home!  Check out what we have done Daddy :)

Now she's really going after it!

Go Joey Go!!

She threw her paintbrush down and said "I'm done"

Showing us that her sock also got paint on it...Oh well, we will manage!

How do you get the creative juices flowing with your kiddos??  I like crafty things, and would love to let Joey help with some stuff, I'm just too darn particular :)  So I need some ideas!


Laurie said...

So fun!!! Toddlers do really well with dot markers (they are also called bingo markers) you can get them at craft stores. The kids just dot them all over the paper and they love it. Also glue sticks work so well and they love to tear paper. So glue sticks and construction paper scraps are a lot of fun. This also works well to make magazine clippings colages. A huge piece of poster board, a glue stick, and paper, feathers, and ribbon could be a lot of fun for both of you!

czstout said...

Thanks Laurie, great suggestions! I used to work at Lakeshore Learning and those dot markers were always flying off the shelf! I'll have to go get some for sure!! I didn't ever think of anything as easy as ripping and gluing paper :) You rock!!!